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Тема: Kanger Subtank Mini - народный бак для облаков пара... Размеры бака: диаметр - 22мм, высота видимой части, без ДТ - 48.5 мм:
Kanger Subtank Mini - это наверное самый популярный и. Хочу отметить, что реальный размер (46.5 мм) и объем Toptank немного.
Kanger SubTank Mini — Когда даже mini достаточно.. Оптимальный размер, отличное качество, богатая комплектация, гибкость.
Kanger Subtank Mini OCC / RBA и Kanger Subtank plus OCC / RBA. Клиромайзеры имеют компактный размер, систему регулировки. kanger subtank mini размер After releasing the 25mm Subtank Organic Cotton Coil to the world at the end of last year and receiving much acclaim from the vaping community for its unique design features, one small kanger subtank mini размер remained, its size!
What is important is to make sure you read each manual fully along with the instruction leaflet for priming your Organic Cotton Coils prior to use to get the best possible vaping experience from each, and not burn the Japanese cotton.
Please be aware that these are pre-production models sent to me by KangerTech for evaluation and review prior to their full production release so kanger subtank mini размер may be slight changes if required to the final designs.
Also please be sure to check the warranty period should it be included with the final production model of these tanks prior to purchase.
The new Authenticity code found перейти на источник the products lower front part of the internal boxes will apply to each new KangerTech product and include running changes for old models taking effect from late October 2014.
Where you can find your label 3.
How to use your to scan the code.
I understand from Kanger that they have sent additional O rings out to their service centres so if you were unlucky enough to experience this you can take your 25mm Subtank OCC in for evaluation and if it is a manufacturing fault they will replace the O rings with new ones free of charge.
Please contact the kanger subtank mini размер centre first prior to attending would kanger subtank mini размер my advice here to save any unnecessary waiting time if you feel this problem exists with your personal model, kanger subtank mini размер as always you can kanger subtank mini размер KangerTech directly if required using the details supplied at the end of this review.
An improved airflow control ring has been added allowing for even more vapor production along with easier fitting of the RBA section inside the Subtank Mini compared to that of the 25mm Subtank OCC, so now you do not have to remove the two screws and change the top cap over.
Please be aware that the RBA section of the 22mm Subtank Mini is designed solely for use in the Subtank Mini only, and should not be used inside 25mm Subtank OCC.
Likewise the RBA section of the 25mm Subtank OCC has been designed for use with the 25mm Subtank OCC and should not be used inside that of the 22mm Subtank Mini.
Also neither fit the Subtank Kanger subtank mini размер so only use the supplied 1.
Interchange ability kanger subtank mini размер both the 1.
A modified design to the smaller RBA section has been added and it is important for builders to remember to cut off any excess wire to avoid shorting due to the close proximity of the chimneys outer wall.
You can always check this with the shop staff prior to purchase.
Also a choice of O ring colours has been added by request to suit kanger subtank mini размер own personal taste so be sure to check these out on their website.
Subtank Mini Includes 1 x Subtank Mini 1 x OCC Sub kanger mod subox />The OCC includes pre-built coils to get you started and more information on this can be found online.
Please remember when building, SAFETY FIRST.
You can find some of these on my website under Forums.
The RBA section arrived with one installed coil reading at 0.
Do remember to prime your cotton first with e Liquid before heating it so as not to burn the cotton, and test the build for shorts on a good Ω reader prior to use.
Access to the deck for building is a simple unscrewing of the chimney wall from the base but do be careful not to over tighten here as it will be difficult to remove again leaving you with a small but completely open area to build onto.
You can kanger subtank mini размер find plenty of helpful videos on U-Tube under building an RBA.
For first time users I would suggest getting some expert advice before you try it yourself.
Two juice channels have been cut into floor of the deck which will become more apparent when the chimney is in place increasing the flow kanger subtank mini размер juice into the main body of the chamber and appear to function well.
There is also a circular adjustment ring around the outside of the base unit allowing you to adjust the air intake by rotating the outer detente ring into the positions that best suit your kanger subtank mini размер style.
These provide more than sufficient airflow into the main body of the chamber producing топ удобных дрипок vapour production if required to do so.
Flush mounting of the Mini posed no visible issues making a solid contact each time.
Also due to the Japanese organic kanger subtank mini размер being used in both of these there is a marked improvement in flavour as well.
But when I used both the 0.
It performs equally as well as the Mini but clearly holds slightly less juice so do bear this in mind and of course it does not have an RBA setup and should never be used as such.
Also you can use this on smaller devices where overhang is a real issue.
I have it working on my Innokin VV4 as kanger subtank mini размер example and it looks very cool indeed and works like a dream.
Conclusion The SubTank Mini is going to be another very hot seller that will appeal to a variety of users and in particular those who may be considering whether to try their own builds for the first time or continue using a Clearomizer with pre-built dual coils just like its big brother the 25mm Subtank OCC making it an extremely versatile addition to your collection.
And remember, with the Subtank you have pre built coils included ready to use in its RBA configuration http://clever-promo.ru/mini/kanger-mini-protank-3-glass.html the transition just that little bit easier, along with the New 0.
The Nano being the smallest of the three in this range came as a real surprise and has the ability to produce huge clouds for its size and great taste also when used in conjunction with the Japanese Organic Cotton Coil.
And with the 25mm Subtank offering you increased E liquid volume should you require it to last a day for the heavier user then you cannot go far wrong with these three options especially when you consider that you can inter change the 0.
Vapour production and flavour is exactly what I would have expected from топ удобных дрипок new KangerTech products, plentiful on both counts especially now the newly designed airflow control ring has been added producing even more vapour than before.
The Kanger subtank mini размер section in the Mini is going to be a success too amongst first time users and experienced vapers alike allowing you to experience the added benefit of a fuller flavoured vape along with creating your own builds to the desired resistance that you personally require.
I could not find much wrong with either of these however I would suggest посмотреть еще Kanger to include the 1.
I mention this solely because both versions are going to encourage kanger subtank mini размер great many new converts kanger subtank mini размер the RBA way of life!
Contact: Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co.
A1 building Haocheng Industrial Park NO.
Tel: 86-75527240540 Mobile: 86-13923728907 E-mail: manager szkanger.
No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form kanger subtank mini размер by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical kanger subtank mini размер, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the kanger subtank mini размер of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

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Почему то не нашел обзор Kanger Subtank Mini. [IMG] Сам. Бак конечно хорош, удобен в обслуживании и конечно размер, но есть у меня придирки: 1.
Kanger Subtank Mini Review - We look at the new, smaller, lighter and. about the size of the larger normal Subtank, so the mini represents a.
Танк Kanger Subtank Mini OCC/RBA с регулировкой подачи воздуха, сменными испарителями на органической. Размер: 22х48мм (без мундштука).
The Kanger Subtank Mini Clearomizer is a brand new revolutionary tank from Kangertech. It's smaller than the Aspire Atlantis, yet has a large.
The Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano sub ohm tanks are the smaller follow up editions to the much larger full size Subtank clearomizer. The original Kanger.

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БАТАРЕЙНЫЙ МОД ELEAF MINI ISTICK ОТЗЫВЫ Танк Kanger Subtank Mini OCC/RBA с регулировкой подачи воздуха, сменными испарителями на органической. Размер: 22х48мм (без мундштука).
Kanger subtank mini размер Kanger SubTank Mini — Когда даже mini достаточно.. Оптимальный размер, отличное качество, богатая комплектация, гибкость.
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