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joyetech cuboid 3 11

We're glad to launch the new firmware V3.01 and V3.11 for Cuboid today. The Cuboid has the 150W maximum output wattage and can also be.
The Cuboid has the 150W maximum output wattage and can also be. Thus we developed two versions: V3.01 and V3.11 with 150W and 200W.. switch during TC mode, no need for the 3 clicking to enter menu and all. Going to give Joyetech and Wismec a little more time to come out with a new mod.
Cuboid latest firmware V3.01 and V3.11 with 150W and 200W was. Step 3 : Remove your batteries and atomizer before updating your device.
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Powered by 2 user replaceable 18650 batteries batteries sold separatelycells are easily replaced by removing the new slip-open cover.
The Cuboid accepts many different types of wires for temperature control mode.
These wires are nickel, titanium, and stainless steel and can be read by the Cuboid all the way down to 0.
The new TCR mod enables the user to adjust values for different materials, thus further improving the accuracy of temperature control and providing a consistent flavor.
Three options are available to customize the TCR regarding different wires.
Charging and upgrading the Cuboid to 200W via VT Software is done via the micro USB port located on the top left side of the unit.
IMPORTANT: Use caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled.
Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
Always charge in or on a fire-proof surface.
Never leave charging batteries unattended.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers.
You are responsible to have a basic Knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly.
Please, or Customer Reviews Review by Jack The Dripper Quality This mod became my only in theory mod that i owned.
It is the perfect size, feels great in your hand, and i quit using everything else for months.
Other joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro that, it was a phenomenal mod.
It is stylish, compact for a two battery mod and has a lot of power.
What I посмотреть больше the most is нажмите для деталей batteries last all day.
The only problem with it has been that the fire button sticks regularly.
Also kicks me out of TC SS mode sometimes.
Unit is also ridiculously heavy.
Good build quality, though.
I returned it and got a Sigelei Fuchai 213 instead.
Works way better and is lighter.
Don't waste your money on the Cuboid.
This one seems to be a lemon.
I think I will return it.
Overall, seems like Joyetech is joyetech cuboid 3 11 that great of quality.
Loved it while it worked!
However his joyetech cuboid 3 11 having issues a couple months after purchase with atomizer short alert no matter what atomizer.
Returned it for a new one.
Noe mine which is six months old is doing the same thing.
To joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro I have a new Griffen atomizer on which works fine on hubby's set up.
Two out of two with same issue.
I won't buy this mod again.
I run an aspire cleito and a griffin 25 rta on it at 50 to 80 watts for 2 days at a time points батарейный мод joyetech cuboid tc 150w стальной disconnects charges.
I'm all for making devices safer for the new vaper to use but not at the exspense of neutering the device, which they've done here.
Feels very tough and aside from the paint chipping it's pretty much in tact.
Down side is that the atomizer sensor went bad.
When I try to fire it I get the warning "Atomizer Short".
It started doing this about a month ago but a simple turn off and back on would usually get it to fire.
Not any more though.
I've tried three different tanks with multiple different atomizers to no avail.
This is a good mod if you need something quick and cheap to get you buy for the short term but if you plan on using it for a long term I joyetech cuboid 3 11 look at another mod.
They can do anything more expensive models can do.
They support firmware upgrades you can even put a custom image on the screen.
I've owned 2 and my brother has one now.
Build quality is great.
I have to say all in all it is a really good device.
The battery life is fairly decent.
I could go a whole work day 9 hours without changing them.
Being home all day or just being able to vape whenever I wanted to brought that down a bit, but not too terrible.
Setting the mod up is fairly easy.
I would say it took me about a week to feel like I really knew what I was doing with it.
I loved that I could basically do anything I wanted with the mod when it came to using different coils joyetech cuboid 3 11 different settings for each coil.
It helped me find what I like in my own vaping experience.
Its pretty comfortable to hold in your hand, the buttons always seemed to register when pushed.
The display is really easy to read and I love that it can be customized with the upgrade.
There are only a few things I didn't like about the mod.
After using it for a few months the battery door didn't want to shut the whole way all the time so I would have to push rather hard on the door joyetech cuboid 3 11 get the device to read the batteries.
Also from time to time after a few months of using joyetech cuboid 3 11, it would start saying that there was an automizer short or that the automizer was low.
I would check that everything was put together correctly and end up having to completely remove my automizer to get it to read it again.
It would always re-read it and start working again, it was just annoying.
The last small annoyance I have with the device is just superficial and it's that the paint comes off really easily.
All in all I would totally recommend this device to a begginer who wants an easy device to use while starting their vapping journey.
Quality I received my Cuboid and it was DOA, some back and forth emailing with the VapeNW folks and shipping it back and I had a replacement for it a week joyetech рай />This might have soured me on the product but honestly it's such a good mod and the VapeNW folks took care of it for me without any significant hassle that I don't even care.
I burn through a lot more juice now mods do use joyetech cuboid 3 11 lot more than stick vapes, be aware going in but joyetech cuboid 3 11 quality посмотреть еще my vaping has gone so far up.
So far I have had the best luck with the notch coils but YMMV, also dependent on the juice you are using.
Do yourself a favor and pick up about 10 extra coils because honestly, while rewicking them isn't hard it's not the sort of thing you want to do every time, so you will want to go through a few coils before bothering to rewick all of them at once.
Few moths later, decided on black but got a mid packaged "Zinc".
But, I immediately liked it upon opening the box so I kept joyetech cuboid 3 11 />I used Ni for a few weeks w the first, but quickly switched to SS when the Triton.
With a Mini SuperTank it's a great cape, on a cuboid or a VTC Mini w update.
I like the tank so much, after this I will be ordering a 25mm SuperTank.
Again, 5 stars to VapeNW.
Good job guys, I will continue to share your website with all the vapers that I know.
Liked it so joyetech cuboid 3 11 it became my daily driver.
But within the first month the black paint started coming off leaving that dull zinc finish.
Other joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro that a great device.
I decided I liked it so much I would buy another one.
So I ordered the stainless steel.
Out of the box the finish was scratched all over.
Joyetech quality control leaves something to be desired.
Although the product does work as advertised.
Yet not wanting to joyetech cuboid 3 11 the black Cuboid I sandblasted and applied 5 coats of BMW San Mateo Blue Pearl and 2 clear coats.
Buffed and polished it and talk about a rocking mod.
That makes a 30 some dollar mod and makes it look like a couple of hundred dollar mod.
Once I figure out what to do with this flawed stainless steel Cuboid maybe then I will be happy.
But for the price features who am I to complain.
увидеть больше little elbow grease and I have a one of a kind anyone would be proud to rock.
Knowing I turned it into this piece of art priceless.
Now on to the stainless steel version.
I have not experienced any problems.
Superior to my last mod the eleaf.
Paid for 2 day shipping got it in 4.
That is a con other than that.
If you want a go to mod, and don't want to spend 199 on the SX MINI Q, you can easily spend more, but the Joyetech cuboid 3 11 with a Crown or Tfv4 is going to do anything you want.
The RX200s 510 connector stuck to the bottom on the second mount of an atomizer- the Cubiod has not had any issues at all.
Vapes every bit as good as the RX200 and is easier to carry around.
At the price that Vapenw.
ссылка на продолжение seems accurate and the battery life is good.
The different TC settings were also fun to play around with.
However, the build quality is shit and it started to fall apart after a joyetech cuboid 3 11 months.
If you're looking for a short term mod, this will be a great choice.
I usually vape Clapton builds in my RDA's around 100-110 watts and I get decent batterry life of about 7 hours.
It tends to read resistences.
I have dropped it about 80 times from about 2 feet while nodding off late at night in bed.
Once in a great while it will missfire I will press the button and nothing will happen but this is a rare occurrence.
I love the screen!
The batterry door is holding up so far and it sits flat on level surfaces.
Every joyetech cuboid 3 11 and then I will get atomizer short warnings for no reason.
And last and not least this thing has video games now!!!
I have the Flappy Bird game downloaded but I dont want to prematurely wear my fire button out on an Atari 2600 looking game but after 12,587 joyetech cuboid 3 11 you would think it would be worn out by now but no it still has the same throw and clickiness it had the first day I got it.
For some reason, I only get 162.
This is not a problem though.
I rarely joyetech cuboid 3 11 above 100 anyway.
Overall, this thing is very nice and worth joyetech cuboid 3 11 money.
Читать статью will not buy anything from them again.
Mine came looking like someone had been using it for a few months, so I'd try another site joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro sells нажмите чтобы прочитать больше similar prices.
Admin: Please remove the film cover on the unit.
Feels nice 150w out of the box and cheap customizable emblem with firmware Individual battery reads on the screen Joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro Meh.
Doesn't start immediately firing like my IPV5, takes an extremely short but noticeable перейти на источник to joyetech cuboid 3 11 firing The Joyetech cuboid 3 11 />Don't charge it via USB, still use joyetech cuboid 3 11 external charger.
If you only have one mod and joyetech cuboid 3 11 dual battery, might as well pick one up as a secondary.
It may save you some headache.
The box will fire every time right down until the batteries are completely dead unlike the Sigelei 150tc.
The fire button has a little up and down rattle, but is super clicky which I am really happy about.
It also is very ergonomical and has a nice weight to it doesn't feel cheap.
Shipping was also super fast 3days.
All around a good mod for the price though!
As other have said it is heavier then expected, feels good in the hand, batteries are easy to put in and take out.
It feels really sturdy in the hand and the upgrade ability is nice.
Temperature control works really well.
Wattage settings seem to be on par with my other mods.
The price is great.
Tons of options for adjustment and settings.
Also the threads on the 510 does not seem to grab as solid as some of my other mods, they almost seem a little loose but I have never had an issue with a tank spinning on and sitting tight.
Pros: Joyetech cuboid 3 11 feel, battery door is nice, configurations, 200 Watts, display gives all the information you could need, wattage seems true to other mods, protection features, price for the features you get Cons: Fire button sticks sometimes, threading on 510 seems a little loose, menu system that takes some getting used too.
Overall good mod that could be a great mod with just a few refinements.
This is by far the best.
I am not a review junkie so this will be short.
I also charge it with USB from time to time and have had zero issues.
I always over fill my dripper.
I have yet to find any fluid inside.
Just a joyetech cuboid 3 11 all around value.
Ive tried 6 different usb cables.
Started flashing as if it was charging for no reasonnow it reads charger error no matter what.
Cant update firmware now.
Also the black finish is coming off all over.
My only complain is the center pin.
It's happened to my many times to the point where I rebuild the deck probably 15 times thinking I was doing something wrong.
Super fast shipping from Washington to Illinois!
No button rattle, came sealed and verified on joytechs site.
The wife however snagged it so I jumped at the new touchscreen Sigilei 150 watt.
I love it it's great but I like a mod with more heft to it.
So joyetech cuboid 3 11 I am again.
It's got some heft to it.
Feels like solid quality.
The only thing that concerns me is the battery hatch.
Sometimes it takes a little fanangling to get it to latch, but it always does.
It seems to be the only thing on this device that isn't solid.
Nice flavor, impressive clouds though.
I've used variable voltage pens.
They work and are definitely lighter and easier to conceal; but a dual cell device seems to hit smoother, taste better and produce more vapor.
That could be just me.
The Cuboid 150w is amazing.
The upgrade to 200 is simple and gives you that little bit extra customization to make this mod truly joyetech cuboid 3 11 own.
Lasts for at least 2-3 days of moderate to heavy subohm vaping.
Fast and responsive service from Vapenw.
Will definitely be ordering from them again.
Not to the fault of this site but absolutely worth the money.
The form factor, the power.
Everything about it just works for me.
The price point is good.
I'm happy with this product.
However, I put it in my back pack after being ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY SURE TO LOCK IT and after skateboarding joyetech cuboid 3 11 the street for about 10 minutes I started to smell burned cotton and when I looked in my bag, the delrin chuff cap had melted completely and fallen off and the inside of the atomizer was scorched.
This was 3 days ago and my bag still wreaks of burned cotton.
So now I'm afraid to put it in my bag or anywhere besides on the table or in the trash.
This has been my experience after like 2 weeks.
Screen was joyetech cuboid 3 11 too.
I sent it back to vapenw and am currently waiting for replacement since I've heard good things about this mod.
Will update when I receive the replacement.
The only con I can come up with is that the release button on bottom could be recessed a tiny bit more to prevent it from wobbling электронная как joyetech сигарета разбирается I set it on my desk.
Overall I'm really happy with the purchase.
I'm the kind of vaper that likes to build and make lots of low resistance coils to put in my joyetech cuboid 3 11 and run them at a high wattage that can actually push the coil to vape nicely, I really enjoy making extended coils like clapton coils, alien coils, staggered fused claptons etc.
I came from a kangertech subox, and this is a great improvement.
I use the cuboid with griffin rta and it works great flavour, cloud.
With 2 batteries this joyetech cuboid 3 11 lasts for almost 2 days solid depends on usage.
I use kanthal wire, so I've never used temp control.
The mod is small, but has some weight to it, it feels premium.
The only downside is the fire button jiggles slightly and can stay pressed down, but it still works great.
The price is great, shipping is fast, and been using it for a month now with no issues.
Cheapest place to buy this mod is on this site.
Shipping was very nice and got my package without any issues.
Product is as described.
It feels nice and sturdy.
Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
It was either this or the IPV5 at this price point.
I went for this because I love the form and the display is very helpful for these crappy old eyes of mine.
Tired of squinting at the standard tiny DNA-style displays, so this is pretty damn nice.
I also really like the dual battery level display.
Sure, it would be nice if it actually readout the voltages, but it's good enough.
Yes, it's a bit on the heavy side, but I like the solid feel of it The matte finish is just about right too, adding grip without being rough.
Some folks have said the display joyetech cuboid 3 11 with scratches.
I'm guessing they didn't notice there is a protective film over it.
When that was taken off, it's immaculate.
All in all, it performs as expected and is really a sexy mod.
After doing some research I ordered the Cuboid.
Could not be happier, excellent quality and even better price.
I'm gonna order a second just to keep in the box for down the road.
By far the best mod that I joyetech cuboid 3 11 used and VapeNW has the best prices and shipping of any vendor by far.
I typically run it between 85-100 joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro with my Aromamizer Supreme and achieve very good battery life.
It's a good "pocket mod" IMO.
It's about half the size of the X Cube II with the same level of performance.
The resistance of your coil will however determine the max wattage output as this mod has a 25A output limit.
Use an Ohm's Law Calculator to determine your builds if planning to run higher wattages.
It's a great mod that I would recommend.
Despite some negative reviews that Joyetech cuboid 3 11 had seen elsewhere online regarding this mod, I couldn't be happier.
Most of the negative reviews were for early run production models, and because of the negative reviews, I had been a little leery to pull the trigger.
Since VapeNW has a 30 day guarantee I figured I would take the plunge.
I am so glad that I did.
It does everything that I had wanted, it handles temperature control like a champ, has lots of power, fits comfortably in my hand, and it works joyetech cuboid 3 11 all of my attys.
The newest firmware update even allows me to add a custom logo to the screen, which is just an added bonus, that I didn't even know about.
If anything does go wonky with this device I will definitely update my review.
Just the size I was joyetech cuboid 3 11 to carry to joyetech cuboid 3 11 />It has a great selection of settings at an affordable price.
Pleased it can be updated to 200watts.
Only con would be not all rdas fit this mod well but I use my griffin at work so no big deal.
The compact size, weight, and the physical look of this, is by far the only mod I use regularly.
By far the best place online to keep us all off those nasty cigarettes!
I have had 0 issues with this thing it's just a champ!!
It's a little heavy on the pocket but holding 2 batt what do u except!
Pin fits nice on 3 different tanks!
Price that u can't beat!!!
Can't say anything bad about it, thumbs up Joytech.
Sure it's heavy, but I knew that when I bought it.
Also, it's Joytech so it has a short 510, I knew that too.
So, I bought some POM 510 heat insulators, and a 510 heat sink adapter to try out.
Works great, and TC with SS works pretty well, not perfect, but it works well enough for the price I paid.
It's a dual 18650 mod, but still pretty small.
All the YouTube reviews were accurate.
Battery life is excellent, even in wattage mode.
Only wish it wasn't so freakin heavy!!
Still, very happy with the purchase!
I looked around for a while with all of the TC mods dropping almost daily.
I have a DNA 200 sitting waiting for a suitable box to put it in but wanted something new asap.
I had it down to 3 choices and an offer to try all three for a week.
I used a SX mini ML and loved it but 1 battery was sometimes a small issue.
Next was a RX200 joyetech cuboid 3 11 I liked fine but was heavy and bulky.
Last was a Cuboid which met all of my needs.
The mod looks and feels really high end.
I got a black one and the finish is flawless.
The screen is bright and easy to read in most light conditions.
It functions well in all modes.
Best of all it's hard to beat for the price.
Upgrading источник статьи the latest firmware is joyetech cuboid 3 11 easy and straight foreword and according to JoyeTech the micro usb should only be used for upgrading and not charging.
There's 3 downsides that might be a big deal to some.
One this joyetech cuboid 3 11 is heavy.
It's all metal and you know it when you pick it up.
Two the 510 is shallow and long 510 atties will not sit flush.
Three the battery door can be a pita at first and if you rewrap your cells the fit might be tight and a cell will joyetech cuboid 3 11 a little.
None of these things was an issue for me I adjust and overcome.
Overall you could do way worse with other mods out there.
The screen went blacks and stayed that way even when the batteries were fully charged.
This is by far the simplest and best mod for the money.
Does everything I need it to do and then some.
Build quality is beyond anything I've seen in local joyetech aio купить shops with other mods.
Being upgradable to 200 Watts makes it the best bang for the buck.
I've been using an RDA deck with titanium coils at.
The joyetech cuboid 3 11 читать далее of this mod is actually pretty good HOWEVER battery power is scarce I recommend getting more batteries and charging those while you Vape.
I do not feel it's giving me true power in TEMP control mode it could do way better I don't have to push to 550 DF on a Ni200 100W 0.
Great performer for the price with all the features of temperature control you can ask for!
I got 2 for new vapers that got burned at a local vape shop that almost gave up vaping all together.
Do watch for long 510 pins damage the mods.
It feels great in the hand and it's pocket friendly depending on tank.
It has a rock solid design and feel, the battery door is nice.
I have had no issues in a month of hard vaping with many atty's.
I would happily buy another and recommend others to do so as well, the price is right for this mod.
Not complicated to use and compact enough to put in your pocket without caring extra batteries, because the LG's last a full day.
VapeNW did an excellent job with packaging and shipping my mod to me in 2 days!
Great prices and I plan doing more business with VapeNW.
Works fine if you just make sure the reading is correct when you fire, but it also makes building coils on it a bit of a pain.
I got a Cuboid Box Mod it arrived joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro and in perfect new Condition.
It works great and it's the best of my Mods.
I'll be back for more products definitely.
Ive tried unlocking and relocking the ohms, turning joyetech cuboid 3 11 mod on and off, putting the atomizer off and on, and taking the batteries out.
This mod did joyetech cuboid 3 11 a few times a month or so ago but then it stopped after a few attempts, so I thought it was just a fluke.
And, one more thing, today this fire button got stuck and I couldnt get it free.
Toasted the cotton in my rda.
Don't bother with this one.
I would marry it if it were socially acceptable.
I wish the included screen protector didn't arrive all scuffed up like it just came home from a rough night.
Other than that it's great.
I took it out of the postal package and got it set up.
Afterwards, I was cleaning up to find something in the package.
They sent me a free LG battery!
It's stuff like this that makes me want to buy from vapenw!
First time buying experience was amazing for me.
The mod itself works flawlessly.
The battery door is a bit questionable but as long joyetech cuboid 3 11 your careful, I don't see this going bad.
Buttons are very easy to push with no delays.
Switching modes is just as easy.
There's no start up time or any catchy logos when you first turn it on.
Once again, thanks Vapenw!
It has replaced everything in my set and improved my vape experience.
I can get more taste from my flavors, blow great clouds, and use my tanks to thier limits.
Add the quick shipping from NW and you will be hard pressed to visit your local shops.
испаритель joyetech cl ti 0 4 ом 60w locals were all at least twice as much and offered minimal if any support.
I read reports about battery life but even with heavy, 4 hrs of effective continuous use at 100watts I was over 50%.
This is with Samsung 18650's.
The USB charge is slow 6 hours from посетить страницу to 100.
The display is clear and the instructions are complete.
It covers all wires and with tcr mode can adjust just how want it.
And you can't beat the price for a mod with upgradeable firmware!!!
As for the mod itself, joyetech cuboid 3 11 is small and shaped nice for the hand, though a little heavy, and joyetech cuboid 3 11 life is unexceptional.
The bottom battery door is tricky to open, and I fear what would happen if something were to break in that door assembly.
The factory defaults for TC mode were set at the maximums, 600 F, and 150w.
I didn't realize it as it was in Celsius, and I vaped a new Herakles Plus 0.
The batteries became more than a little warm, and I detected a slightly burnt odor, not joyetech cuboid 3 11 if cooked juice, or if batteries were about to vent.
I got them out to the back yard real fast, to let them cool, and to give plenty of room just in case something dramatic were to happen.
Not community joyetech vt coils bathroom if this incident was related to my user error, but I don't have the confidence to use this mod in TC mode right now.
The batteries were 2 new Sony VTC5's.
Any RDA with a protruding pin will not fit on this mod.
Other than that it's great!
To everyone being all bummed out that their screen is scratched, its not.
There is joyetech cuboid 3 11 super thick piece of plastic covering the screen, its hard to get off but its there.
I bought 1 Cuboid from NW Vape because I enjoy their prices, products they carry and selection.
The 1st one I got, I really enjoyed because of the size and how I could actually hold and fire the button.
My right hand is in a permanent brace, lost my left arm in Iraq, so since I can't bend my fingers, the Cuboid is a perfect fit.
I really like the ability to use any of my tanks, Crown, Aspire, even my Vaporesso tanks.
Since I can't build coils, I need sub-ohm tanks and the Cuboid works perfect with them.
Since I liked the 1st one, I ordered 2 more in each color a few days after the receiving the 1st, I'm not a person that needs to experiment with mods.
Thanks NW Vape and Joytech!
I called VapeNW customer service to find out what was the issue.
They were very helpful and assured me that my Cuboid was on the way.
They were absolutely right.
I got joyetech cuboid 3 11 updates only after my package was at my door.
Cuboid is great mod and does joyetech cuboid 3 11 and the price the VapeNW is selling it for is unbeatable.
It also has a great battery life.
I can go for 1 and half day with the same set of batteries.
I will definitely will return to purchase joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro stuff from them.
A little heavy but feels solid snd well made just like vtc mini.
Exelent value you can't find a 200 w mod for less.
As always vape nw has the best prices quick joyetech cuboid 3 11 />I got mine to go with the cubiod.
Although I lots of good reviews it has no flavor.
Just joyetech cuboid 3 11 bigger than the VTC Mini but carries a lot more heft to it.
It works out great for me since I can vape on it pretty much all day and be OK vs the Joyetech cuboid 3 11 I have.
Heavy vaping sessions sometimes requires a quick recharge sometime during the day.
I got it in black I noticed that the the black and wears off a bit -- not a huge deal to me, but for those that need to keep their gear perfect, keep that in mind.
I've it it paired with the TFv4 and it's great.
I can't use it at all right now.
I can use each one on my other 2 mods with no issues.
Not happy with this purchase at all.
I'm sad since Joyetech cuboid 3 11 loved my Evic VTC mini.
Menu very easy to use and update.
Works with with all wires.
Having joyetech cuboid 3 11 control with ss316 on my Uwell Crown tank is joyetech cuboid 3 11 fernomable.
I'm very happy with the cuboid the battery life is good the mod is small and fells good in the hand.
I would joyetech cuboid 3 11 recommend for someone looking to upgrade to a temp control mod.
And the price was great.
Little heavy but still small enough to carry with you.
Plenty of power and works flawlessly in all modes.
Such a great price I bought 2 and thinking of another different color.
No issues what so ever and very fast shipping.
I previously had a evic vt mini.
And I love The cuboid more.
When I got it the only issue is the screen had scratches on them but I read only it's a plastic on it.
But joyetech went in on this one and it joyetech cuboid 3 11 firmware upgrade!!!
If you thinking about getting it then get it.
Small form factor means it fits comfortably in the hands.
Feels heavy for its size, but not too heavy to be able to Cary around with you anywhere.
Great display, but in bright sunlight it is too dim to be seen easily.
Fire joyetech cuboid 3 11 can stick if held at the very top but it releases when hit in the middle.
Lasts for one to three tanks with my TFV4 at 75w - 80w on sextuple coils.
Lasts much longer with the uwell crown.
Highly recommended for a nice small but powerful mod.
Just a couple of issues - the black part when the screen is was scratched a bit, and for some reason it doesn't like my Crius RTA - I keep getting Atomizer Short with it.
Works great with my Crown tanks though!
I have an Evic VT and an Evic VT Mini, and the quality is on par with them and because of the upgrade to 200 watt even better.
The batteries joyetech cuboid 3 11 to not read and the screen would glitch out.
Then it got super hot when I wasn't even touching it.
It almost blew up.
It ruined 4 batteries.
Might just be mine.
The Cuboid is one badass joyetech cuboid 3 11 it feels perfect in your hands,the display is nice n источник the dimensions on this mod are sleek the charging port is a nice bonus n the battery door is nice n secure the one and only problem i have joyetech cuboid 3 11 this mod is the 510 threading its just horrible and already stripped 1 of my tanks in the first week lol Hoping this wont become an even bigger problem but i have a feeling it will other then that its Almost Flawless.
Got it in 3 days, had it for a week and I am as happy now as the day I opened it.
Works perfect with all my tanks and coils, I am not a rebuilder or dripper so I dont use TC much but sub ohm is awsome on this guy.
Triton 2, Cleito, Cubis and Vaporesso work perfect.
Bought this mod cause my target was using 2 batts every nite on a 10 hr shift.
Im on 12s now and the cuboid holds strong all nite, do have to charge em up 1st thing at home but well worth the money.
Highly recommend to anyone who wants long batt life without using high power, I stay between 25 and 75 watts depending on tank for the nite.
VapeNW, you guys are the best prices out there, got a happy customer that will be joyetech cuboid 3 11 more.
Powerful, especially with a sub ohm tank.
This item with a tfv4 joyetech cuboid 3 11 a powerful vape, 80-100W is plenty output.
Great battery life, nice size, a LITTLE heavy for its size but not too seriously heavy.
Great size,design and joyetech cuboid 3 11 />I've been using it for several days and haven't had a single issue.
It looks cool, works great and is made really well.
It's just hard to believe, that it holds 2-18650 batteries, for as small as it is.
Joyetech has already released, several firmware updates for the Cuboid and they're very east to install.
After the update, the device will go up to 200 watts and also has a new Joyetech cuboid 3 11 Mode feature, that automatically saves, ten groups of output settings.
The Cuboid is a really great device and I'd definitely, recommend it to anyone.
I can see some people having issues if they vape low ohm and 100 watts or something but my builds are usually around.
I have only used it for a few days but so far so good.
Although compact the device is close to the same weight as my RX200.
No problems in the joyetech cuboid 3 11 weeks that I've had it and overall I would recommend this as a great starter box mod to anyone looking to get into dual battery boxes.
My only gripe is a small one, but worth mentioning.
Kinda felt like I was jamming it on there.
Just don't go ham and you'll be fine.
I really like it.
The price ia great and it works really well!
I got the silver version and I did the firmware update for it.
I am still getting used to it but love it none the less.
I have a Horizon Krixus that I plan on using on it in TCR mode as soon joyetech cuboid 3 11 I find the coefficient for tungsten.
Can't wait to use it in TCR mode.
I am running the Krixus it in Power Mode for the joyetech cuboid 3 11 being and it works flawlessly.
Definitely recommend buying both the Joyetech Cuboid and the Horizom Krixus.
Many great options this mod can do.
I have been getting atomizer short errors daily after the first few days and the resistance reading is always changing, joyetech cuboid 3 11 by as much as.
I am going to try sending it back for replacement, but customer service says I have to qualify for an RMA first.
It has replaced my eVic Mini as my daily carry mod.
The reason for the replace is to simply get more watts and better battery life, as in not having to swap out so often.
The Cuboid is a substantial box with a good heft to it, feels solid.
No rattles, easy controls, great fire button.
I've seen where some joyetech cuboid 3 11 a problem with the door coming open and spilling the batteries but this hasn't happened to me, I always make sure the latch button is fully seated because of what I'd read.
The screen is easy to read and the box is easily updated via USB.
I did joyetech cuboid 3 11 to the 200W simply because I could, I am usually well below 100W anyway.
I've not even had my temperature coils on it yet as I have been using the.
Works so well and the flavor is so good I just don't feel the need to change right now.
As usual, VapeNW did a great job getting joyetech cuboid 3 11 to me quickly!
I love the great performance and joyetech cuboid 3 11 size.
I'm very happy that I purchased the cuboid.
And as always it was a pleasure buying from vapenw.
When a set of fully charged batteries are installed and than an atomizer is screwed on the display screen begins to dim and flicker.
It also shows the left battery display that the battery is almost dead but in reality it is fully charged.
Kinda sucks but hopefully my replacement Cuboid won't do this.
Has great battery life and is super easy to use.
Short bursts for mass cloud and flavor.
I will order another mod as soon as the gemini rta is back in stock at vapenw.
Love the feel and weight of it.
Stealth mode is cool.
основываясь на этих данных to brothers of the vape who want a sturdy, great feeling and full of features.
With firmware upgrades and customizations if you're into that available, this is a mod that will hold you over for a while.
It is a little on the heavy side, not to comfortable in a shirt pocket, but great feeling in the hand.
Very happy with this purchase and with VapeNW pricing, you joyetech cuboid 3 11 go wrong.
I think it's the best 200W heck even 150W for joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro price range.
After reading the reviews I ordered joyetech cuboid 3 11 for each of us.
I received joyetech cuboid 3 11 both yesterday afternoon, charged up some new batteries and did the upgrade on both to joyetech cuboid 3 11 3.
I put my TFV4 Mini with a Clapton coil on at 60 watts with a 3.
The batteries lasted about 4 hours at this setting which is about the same as my Xcube when chain vaping.
I am running the Cubis on it today at joyetech cuboid 3 11 watts with a 1.
This is a nice device.
The size is almost the same as my Sigelei 75, so it is joyetech cuboid 3 11 nice compact device.
The menu joyetech cuboid 3 11 easy to use and it has a nice screen.
I have some qualms about the hinged battery door as it is a little old fashioned and I am not sure how well that will hold up over the long term.
I also am not a fan of the battery meter as it only shows battery life joyetech cuboid 3 11 does not show power drain fluctuation when in use.
Not a big deal, but still room for improvement.
I am very happy with my purchase from Vape NW and love the fast free shipping.
It's a fit in the palm of your hand dual 18650.?
Yes it's that small.
It's a perfect upgrade for anyone looking for a temp control dual 18650 device that won't break the bank.
Fires as soon as the button is pressed.
Screen displays good usable information.
The mod has joyetech cuboid 3 11 good weight to and feels like quality in the hand.
With my LG H2 3000 mAh batteries it last me a full day plus some of constant vaping on one charge.
I love the fact that it has SS TC capabilties also.
Great value and relatively fast shipping also!
I would highly recommend this mod to any money conscious vaper or any vapor for that matter.
I also like how it gives 2 joyetech cuboid 3 11 read outs for each of the batteries power levels, Ive never seen that on another mod before!
I made sure to remove the clear plastic film over the screen, but the screen is still susceptible to scratches, so I recommend a case for it.
I use two LG HG2 batteries with this and maintain great battery life.
Of course that will depend on the wattage you vape at, I still find the unit efficient.
It is heavy with batteries and tank.
But for the price, I don't think it can be beat.
The cuboid has a decent weight and the form factor makes it extremely comfortable to joyetech cuboid 3 11 />For anyone familiar with the eVic vtc mini, imagine that turned sideways.
It's just a hair taller and wider, but not by much.
Amazing how small a dual 18650 mod can be.
The only thing I believe it's lacking is a bypass mode, but being Joyetech cuboid 3 11, it could always be added.
Fells very solidi could knock a bear out with this thing.
Fits nice in the hand.
Shows both battery levels on the screen with much more on display.
I will probably purchase one more and retire my Hanas!
Temp control on stainless is great.
All mods here on should incude this feature.
My Turbo v2 RDA rips with it!
Nice sturdy construction and easy to use.
Upgrading the firmware was easy as well.
It's very comfortable to hold and feels good in the hand.
It's a little heavy but I wouldn't say its a con.
Be careful with rewrapped batteries.
Small issues but for the price you can't go wrong.
I chose the Cuboid for it's form factor and software updates.
I am very satisfied with my purchase.
It fits great in the hand and pocket.
I updated it as soon as I got it.
I can now go up to 200 watts, but I have only taken it to 110 watts so far in TC mode.
My only issue with joyetech cuboid 3 11 device is that the screen scratches too easy.
I would recommend joyetech cuboid 3 11 protector for it.
My current build is twisted titanium 26 gauge at.
I also have it paired with 2 LG HE4's that I bought at the same time.
This is a great device that I would definitely buy again if something happened to mine.
Nice weight to it, dosent see it will break if dropped.
Screen protector that comes on the screen did its job and protected the screen from scratches.
So all you scratched screen cry babies try pealing it off, will take a lot of effort but its on there good.
My complaint joyetech cuboid 3 11 it will not fire my uwell crown tank.
Tank threads seem to squash the rubber ring around joyetech cuboid 3 11 510 contact on the cuboid.
Only thing I wouldn't say is great but still good is the quality of the device.
I feel as if it scratches up too joyetech cuboid 3 11 />I joyetech cuboid 3 11 own the evic mini and love it.
I wanted a duel 18650 mod for longer batty life.
The cubid works really well just like the evic but I get about a day and a half of batery life out of it.
It's a little heavy but I got used to the weight quickly.
Overall the mod is exellent and a great value.
Fits perfectly in my hand and I have small hands.
Not heavy at all even with batteries in it.
Quality: It's what you come to expect from Joyetech, they make a solid product and they support it after the sale with firmware updates.
Usability: Again it's absolutely stellar, it feels good in the hand either right joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro left and has quickly become my everyday mod.
Value: I read somewhere where someone said that it was the benchmark for 2016 that all other mods would be based against and I can't say that I disagree.
Cons: I can joyetech cuboid 3 11 of one and it's not really a con it's common sense.
If your batteries have stickers on them like E fest and some others you need to peel those off first or your batteries are probably going to get stuck.
Hardly a con but I had to mention it.
It's a hefty box, nice big bright screen.
Not a scratch found on it, and it was shipped to my door in 3 joyetech cuboid 3 11 days.
I'm one happy camper.
Great Place to but from!!
First the good stuff, It fits nice in my hand, the device seems to be well built no button or battery rattle, nice bright display and easy to navigate, and it fires fast and hard.
And now for the not so good stuff, battery life SUCKS!!!
They don't advertise this fact at all.
So it won't fire at the full 150 watts except with a very narrow window of builds, so the 200w upgrade is pretty much useless.
I'll keep messing with it but as of joyetech cuboid 3 11 now I don't think its really any better than the iStick 100w that I was using previously.
Just my 2 cents everyone!
Nice ссылка на страницу but small enough to fit comfortable in your hand.
It comes with the same amazing joyetech screen they use on their eVic series, but includes a separate battery monitor for each of the two installed batteries.
Nice mat finish and overall good design.
Mine had a few minor scuff marks on the unprotected screen, but unless you're looking for it you don't really notice.
Fast and reliable service.
Keep it up guys.
The mod is solid and battery life great.
Vapenw has some of the best prices around, and service to match.
Products to NY in three days.
This is a solid well constructed mod, and the tc is accurate.
I updated the firmware, and it was a cinch, thanks to Joyetech.
Nice bright screen, and nice clicky buttons.
I bought the joyetech cuboid 3 11, and I love the contrast with the black center, it's very sharp looking.
It's on the heavier side, so it's another one of my home mods.
Love the independent battery monitors, and the screen layout; clear and concise.
Joyetech did a real nice job on this one.
Thanks again Vapenw for great products, pricing, and service.
Thanks K for the great first looks and all the reviews you do.
You guys are a class act.
It's only slightly bigger then the evic mini.
I only hope the battery door hinge holds up.
Mine came perfect, The only thing is the weight, Feels so much heavier then my Sigelei 150 which жидкость joyetech состав much larger.
No dings or scratches, it's a lil heavy but honestly i don't mind it one bit.
It feels sturdy and balanced.
Didn't get the rattling of the fire button that some have been having issues with.
Guess i lucked out, anyways this mod is def surpassed my expectations.
Vapenw shipped it off right away, and the price can't be beat.
Third order i've gotten from them and i never have any issues.
Now the product, first off the fit and finish were great, saw other reviewers had issues.
The first thing that hits you is the heft of the thing, really a big difference from it's little brother eVIC mini.
There is an adjustment period to get use to the display location and the adjustment buttons.
The fire button is great, a luxurious and smooth action.
The display is bright, large and very easy to navigate.
With the use of 2 batteries, I'm finding that they last a good day and a half of moderate use.
It's well worth the money, a great device!
Stainless steel 316L mode paired with the griffin and some 26 посетить страницу SS is the best vape I've experienced to date.
I get the 4.
They are discharging just as my other dual battery boxes.
For the price I really can't complain.
I may just order another as the price now is even lower!!
As if it wasn't already a deal 45.
These are lower than most pay for their minis.
Great price, fast joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro, good mod.
What's to think about PS- the screen scuffs many are noticing isn't in the screen, there is a joyetech cuboid 3 11 protector just like the minis have, cut to fit so well most don't even notice it's there.
I have left all mine on for protection but you can remove if you really want to.
The mod has alot of great features including saftey features for alot of people who need it, nothig продолжить will affect your every day vape life is Negstive, its the smallest 200 w iv seen!
Metal case its solid, and i have no complaints, my tgv4 wont go above 137.
My velocity goes up to 200 w just fine if i needed that, thanks vape nw joyetech cuboid 3 11 showing me ur reliable, il be back for juice and for my friends to order more of your stuff!
I ordered the stainless finish model.
It's worked flawlessly so far though.
Basically an evic vtc mini with dual batteries.
An incredible price for what you get.
Joyetech is really stepping up their game again!
Super VapeNW service as always!
I bought this specifically because it could house two 18650s.
The first thing you notice about the cuboid is the weight.
The thing is pretty hefty, even without the batteries.
Personally, I like the weight - it feels like a solid device.
The firing button is a little clackety, but comfortably positioned.
The size of the device, too, is worth a mention.
While it's heavy and contains joyetech cuboid 3 11 batteries, it's impressively compact.
The TC seems to work well, though I haven't much experience with it.
I've been using a nickel coil at 0.
I joyetech cuboid 3 11 the device at 110W, 500F.
No burnouts yet, and the juice still tastes great.
One thing to mention: the manual suggests charging the batteries separately.
I have noticed that the batteries take awhile to charge when plugged into the USB.
This isn't a problem for me because the two batteries provide ample usage time, and I can easily get through about a day and a half on a single charge.
In summary, I would recommend this device to anyone who's looking for a compact device that's does not lack in both power and battery capacity.
Build quality is pretty good.
Form factor is quite nice.
It's heavy for it's size.
Not saying it's a workout but it has some heft to it.
Screen protective cover did it's job and was scuffed but it peels off and all was well.
All in all a fine rig joyetech cuboid 3 11 the price I'd recommend to anyone.
I did however have 1 good scratch on the device it self when I took out of the box.
Other than that it has worked great, but still learning TC So I haven't used it.
Waiting on the cubis now.
So good that I referred a friend to VAPE NW, but he bought the Wismec Reuleaux RX200???
Now onto the Cuboid!
Fits great in the hand, not too small, but not as large as the Wismec, or as heavy.
Fit and finish on mine was great, No button rattle, door rattle or anything.
Mine has NO screen scratches, has a protective film on it leaving it on to help protect it or paint scratches.
I have NOT tried the update, I DO NOT think I will be Vaping at 200 watts anytime soon!
I am STILL learning the sub ohm tanks joyetech cuboid 3 11 coils!
Very easy to use for a beginner, has a lot of protection built into the device.
I saw a review on youtube of a guy trying to reach the 200 watts max after the update, then he bashed the device because he could joyetech cuboid 3 11 reach 75 watts?
Lucky for him, it didn't,he would have hit about a 40 amp draw, NOT TOO SAFE for the batteries!!
Okay back to the review!
I think it is a great device considering the price and what you get!
You have Watt mode, TC mode that can do Stainless Steel, Ni200, Titanium, and TCR mode you can adjust for different coils still to advanced for meplus you can upgrade it???
посмотреть еще I say more?
Do yourself a favor buy this Mod, And buy it from VAPE NW, you can not go wrong!!
No button rattle feels solid but heavy the the RX which is another great device.
Fires in SS which I like.
The gray finish joyetech cuboid 3 11 my joice and serisoly thinking about a second one.
Vape NW as the best selections at some of the best prices around.
Additionally, it came all scuffed and the screen was scratched with no screen protector.
Second, this mod with the аксессуары для aio tank is great!
I am a former smoker and own a ipvd2 and evic-tc running two kanger subtanks.
The Cuboid and the Cubis are awesome together!
I was pleasantly surprised.
Used this set up all day and came home with at least 85% battery life.
The Cubis chucks clouds!
English Price Updated immediately out of the box.
No issues to report.
Love the size, power, and display.
Upon opening the box i thought the screen and buttons were scratched to heck with joyetech cuboid 3 11 protective film.
Little did i know there was protective film, it was just stuck on so well it take quite some work pushing on the edge of the screen and buttons with my fingernail to get it to seperate.
I didnt know if i was removing the film or damaging the plastic!
For those below who found scratches, check for the film, it really looks like it doesnt come with any, but it's there!
Unfortunately the body had some light scratches too, and the button rattles, but for the price, i guess i can overlook that.
VapeNW, as always, prompt shipping!
I've gotten used to the Sigelei 150 and IPV4 in my hand.
This thing is solid and weighty but tiny.
Easily slips in a pocket if needed.
Screen is nice joyetech cuboid 3 11 clear.
Changing the temp in joyetech cuboid 150w ремонт mode with easy clicks instead of having to go into the menu system like the IPV4 is nice.
Previous joyetech firmware releases for their other mods provides peace of mind that they are actually improving their devices after initial release.
TC seems to work.
Haven't done dedicated cotton burn tests but during normal use it doesn't seem to fire at random temps.
And the screen updating resistance and estimated temp is nice.
Con, hinge joyetech cuboid 3 11 on the battery doesn't provide an absolute flat base.
It hasn't toppled over, but I make joyetech cuboid 3 11 it's not moving when I place it down.
It barely pushes out.
Plastic on the screen has light scratches already during normal use.
Was pristine after removing the protector.
But for the price, glass was unexpected.
Button has left, right, up, down movement but does not rattle.
Don't tip over easy like some of joyetech cuboid 3 11 other mods.
Like the fact that I can charge with usb cord but I prefer to put on smart charger.
I joyetech cuboid 3 11 going to buy another one.
Shipping from VapeNW as always was stellar I ordered on MLK day and got it this morning.
It is a solid little mod that feels great in the hand and if you like the evic mini you will LOVE this mod.
Just great small and compact with plenty joyetech cuboid 3 11 power.
The upgrade was super easy too and now it's 200 watts.
Buy this mod you won't be disappointed.
It's worth twice the cost.
Just great small and compact with plenty of power.
The upgrade was super easy too and now it's 200 watts.
Buy this mod you won't be disappointed.
It's worth twice the joyetech cuboid 3 11 />This company is fantastic.
I will only order my vape gear from them.
This is my first foray into temp control.
Using SS coils on my crown tank.
Now all I need is an all black crown tank to match my all black mod.
Some may not like it.
But it feels as heavy as my istick 100w I carried.
For the price, can't be beat.
Looks on the other hand is a different story.
When I received this product the screen was scuffed all over, most atomizers and tanks joyetech cuboid 3 11 not sit flush and have a very slight lean.
Overall is a great mod but needs some improvements in the quality department at joyetec.
Arrived in 4 dayswas a holiday weekend but fast shipping.
I ordered grey and it was unblemished.
I did the update right awaywas easy as You could ask for.
The power seems legit on it.
At 80 watts I get twice the joyetech cuboid 3 11 I got out of My "180" watt XCube2.
The temp control is great and I love the three separate temp setting options for additional wire.
The only downside is the scrolling all the way through the watts in temp mode rather than being able to go downward also but easy enough.
My other mods will be back ups now as My XCube2 has joyetech cuboid 3 11 problem where if You forget to lock itit will fire in Your pocket very easythe fire bar stacks and it has burned many coilseven getting a tank so hot the glass broke in my pocketlucky it didn't explode.
Thought it should cut off after 12 seconds but that's a Smok issue.
This Cuboid is a great modbuy oneYou won't regret it.
Its got some weight to it, but feels good in the hand.
The reason I joyetech cuboid 3 11 4 joyetech cuboid 3 11 for quality, This has nothing to do with Vapenw.
Joyetech need to take a little more pride in packaging their product.
My joyetech cuboid 3 11 has scratches and came with no protective film.
It also has a few deep scratches in the joyetech cuboid 3 11 on the box its self.
I will be writing to Joyetech also.
Other than that I enjoy it so far.
Also has an upgrade, which I really don't need, but its nice to have.
I'm sure joytech would have no problem with an exchange, but this I'm not so worried about, many scrathes to come.
Just figured some should be warned.
Perfect fit in the hand, soid feeling construction, perfect joyetech cuboid 3 11 connection.
The only nag is a slight fire button rattle.
But overall, joyetech cuboid 3 11 device!
The shipping was Amazingly fast.
All have their place in my rotation: the VT for portability and all day battery life, the Mini for its small stature and wealth of features, and lastly; the Cuboid for home use and solid design.
The Cuboid is a well-built device, but as others have mentioned it does suffer from some QC issues.
Mine works as it should, but joyetech cuboid 3 11 come with some light scuffs on the display.
Not that I will ever need it, but I did perform the 200 watt upgrade; it went off without a hitch and literally took minutes to download and install.
This device, when loaded with the batteries is not light.
Rather, it is solid and somewhat heavy.
That being said, it doesn't look odd or feel top heavy with a Subtank Plus either.
That is the true beauty of this unit; it has flexibility and style.
I haven't been ever sold on temp control until this device.
It works very nice in all modes.
It's on the heavy side, which I like.
It feels very well built and fits well in my hand.
The menu is easy to use and it works great.
You can't beat the price either.
Mine was flawless and had joyetech cuboid 3 11 dings, scratches, or smudges on it.
Mine has no button rattle at all.
I highly recommend this device.
I order from Vape NW when I want something now - it usually shows up the next day because they're so close.
The menu is pretty easy to use, and there are lots of options.
I haven't upgraded to 200W yet, and might not ever feel joyetech evic vtwo 80w 5000 mah в комплекте с cubis pro need to.
I have 3 small gripes after a couple hours of use.
That's one of my least favorite things on mods 2 I'm pretty sure in order to change temp control wattage, you have to scroll all the way up past 150 to go back down to a lower power setting.
Overall, happy with the purchase, seems like it'll be a great mod.
The screen is bright and has all the information you need.
Power settings seem accurate and the temp control cutoff is very tight.
The size is just small enough for it to be considered stealthy, but it's still hefty and feels well made other than the rattley button.
My unit had no nicks, dings, scratches, etc.
Leaving the screen protector on because it's not even noticeable.
Works great in all the modes.
The 200w update is the easiest to do from any manufacturer and takes less than a min.
It gets warm when using the USB charge port.
Joyetech recommends taking battery out for charging which doesn't make sense.
Why have it if it doesn't work properly.
Mine came with scratches and blemishes and a small dent.
But even with that, I love this mod.
So much I'm getting one in black and this time ordering from here.
This and the Reuleaux RX200 are pretty close to being a must buy.
For the money and the performance you get why get anything else.
What keeps this from being a must buy are those little things in fit and finish.
Hopefully the black one will be better than the silver one I got.
Would buy again 100%.
Hello I want to get this mod but I would like it in the darker grey color, does this website sell that one.
I bought it for myself to use with the SMOK TFV4 and the Aspire Cleito tanks.
Then the wife fell in адрес страницы with it and I went and grabbed the touchscreen Sigelei 150.
Which I love but joyetech cuboid 3 11 not got the heft I like in a mod.
The Sig 150 is an excellent joyetech cuboid 3 11 and works flawlessly so far.
But I want that Cuboid darn it!
Vapes nicely with great flavors!
If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using this product.

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It's a known issue the cuboid has a weird 510 and some attys will not.. it no battery or atty up and down from v 11 to 13 and it just does the same thing. Since I have like 3 out of the 6 models that have that firmware I have the.
The first hours I was trying out my Cuboid I was very enthousiast.. 3. When I put the same clearomizer on any other of my devices like my RX200, the. I was sending also a mail to Joyetech for advice, but they give the following unworthy answer:. 3/10/2016 11:17:46 AM US Central quote/reply + tips.
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Joyetech cuboid 3 11 Cuboid latest firmware V3.01 and V3.11 with 150W and 200W was. Step 3 : Remove your batteries and atomizer before updating your device.
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В запечатанных коробках или можно их вскрыть и везти просто тюбики?

02.01.2017 в 12:05 NoTolerance:

Но все равно спасибо, мистер Уайт.

07.01.2017 в 00:11 Agressor:

Запасная проставка из поликарбоната для гибридной нано-колбы обслуживаемого атомайзера BY-ka V6.

14.01.2017 в 23:40 ImMoRTaL:

А функционалу, эргономике и дизайну могут позавидовать даже самые маститые девайсы.

17.01.2017 в 01:49 WarHawk:

X-Terra 705 - настройка чувствительности, под каждые условия поиска следует установить нужный уровень чувствительности.

25.01.2017 в 22:27 BeoWulf:

Публикуются комментарии только на тех языках, на которых представлено основное содержание материала, под которым пользователь размещает комментарий.

28.01.2017 в 00:24 IceStorm:

Жидкость FA Blenderize Фруктовый микс 20 мл.

02.02.2017 в 14:14 NoTolerance:

Отправить Petri v2 630 р.

08.02.2017 в 20:28 HardCore:

Что не дает бросить курить?

13.02.2017 в 18:57 Mistake:

Если же вам важен сам процесс курения, то наиболее эффективно будет использование сигарет с нулевым содержанием никотина ZERO.

14.02.2017 в 19:11 ImMoRTaL:

Расцветки: черный, белый, стальной, синий, фиолетовый, розовый, красный.

23.02.2017 в 19:59 IceStorm:

Ну а про термоядерный синтез мы пока помолчим или обсудим позже.

03.03.2017 в 04:14 Ronin:

Колеса или диски для автомобиля немногие скажут, что нужно.

09.03.2017 в 09:16 NoTolerance:

Ирина дорофеева родилась на купалье года в могилеве.

11.03.2017 в 15:56 Gambler:

Очень хотел бы еще со вкусом колы попробовать, но пока такой жидкости не нашел.

15.03.2017 в 22:31 Dark_knight:

Малайзия — с одной стороны есть информация, что вейпинг там запрещен, а с другой там повсюду открываются магазины, торгующие жидкостью для электронных сигарет из Америки, Франции, Италии, Канады и даже местного производства!

16.03.2017 в 21:38 RobinHood:

Емкость аккумулятора Joye eRoll небольшая - 90 mAh, зато в комплект сигареты входит портсигар, подзаряжающий вашу eRoll в течение всего дня и даже дольше.

17.03.2017 в 11:22 ImMoRTaL:

Существует возможность доставки товара по оставленному адресу.

20.03.2017 в 01:20 Rampage:

Где в Москве кормят голубей?

28.03.2017 в 06:38 Pakemon:

У Меня есть Субтанк...

02.04.2017 в 01:21 Revers:

Коврик для ванной из микрофибры!

04.04.2017 в 15:25 IceStorm:

Спасибо, что читаете наш блог и комментируете.

15.04.2017 в 05:51 Gambler:

Дело не в деньгах.

16.04.2017 в 16:31 Baunty:

Комплектация: Мод Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum - 1шт.

24.04.2017 в 07:07 StrongEagle:

Организм просто стал отторгать их словно так, будто ты чувствуешь излишне выпивший бокал вина и стало не по себе.

29.04.2017 в 19:54 RuthlessSlayer:

Все детали, резьбовые соединения прочно соединены между собой.

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