problemi con il mio mini istick eleaf

lo eleaf

Thank you for choosing Eleaf products! Please read this. will reflect “Ω” and “Lo”, then the output and power source will shut off automatically. In this case.
Hey reddit, Got myself a Eleaf iStick Mini and an Aspire Nautilous Mini.. into the iStick as far as it goes, I get a message on the face "LO Ω".
Every time that I would use the GS air tank for it, it would just keep saying Lo with an Omega symbol. I was using my old tank and it worked just.
About half the length of its larger cousin, the Eleaf iStick, it packs a 1050mAh battery and can be adjusted from.. It is telling me Lo ohms with and 86% charge. lo eleaf Important: Your continued use of this forum indicates acceptance of lo eleaf forum.
Please make sure lo eleaf have read and understand these rules.
Senior Member Posts: 2,455 Likes Given: 2,131 Likes Received: 5,157 in 1,367 posts Joined: Jun 2013 Reputation: Sex: Male Location: Derbyshire Been using an istick for around 6 weeks and just recently I've been encountering always when I'm out -sods law!
Using NV mini coils which are showing on my resistance meter 1.
The istick ohms reading is lo eleaf showing 3.
Also I notice that if I exert just a little pressure on the 510 connection using a cotton bud the eleaf tc100w reading showing moves around dramatically.
Any one else had similar problems?
Is is a curable fault or should I potentially send it back to the vendor as it's only 6-7 weeks lo eleaf />Love this for its form factor, but reliability surely has to be the most important factor?
Roll on Istick V2 if it has a spring loaded 510.
Always been extremely careful with not tightening my tanks so had a close look at the 510 connection нажмите чтобы узнать больше I can see that the brass connection is sitting just ever so slightly out from the insulator by less than 1mm but appears not lo eleaf be lo eleaf and also very uniform.
Not too sure if this is how it should be or if there should be a bigger gap between the insulator depth and the brass 510 connector depth or if lo eleaf should actually be able to see the insulator at all?
I've since pulled out the tank head 510 connection a tad and all now seems OK with the correct resistance showing and it's working as normal.
The fact that I've had to move the atty head 510 connector out to create a connection, with a set up that has been working fine for the past 6 weeks implies that the istick 510 has indeed dropped.
Whether this is caused by a squashed insulator I'm not too sure?
Fingers crossed and all that!
Bottom line is that with zero margin for error to obtain a suitable connection the spot is always going to be the 510 on the istick, especially with different tanks in use.
Roll on the spring loaded 510, as one of the key findings shown at the ecig summit last week is that for new vapers reliability can be a significant issue, so if it ain't reliable new vapers could easily get stressed and ultimately lo eleaf back to tobacco.
The majority of us have all learned to have spares of spares etc, but newbies may not be so patient or even belong to forums where advice lo eleaf readily available.
The annoying thing is that it's been with me lo eleaf on a desk, so no lo eleaf movement and it's still playing up.
The resistance showing is all over the place and sometimes it fires other times it doesn't.
So so frustrating, so is there any permanent fix lo eleaf anyone has found?
The reality is that as it stands one couldn't really trust it taking it out.
Ironic thing is its form factor is one of the most appealing attributes, but as things stand it looks like I'm having lo eleaf take another set up out with me as insurance.
Circle it round the bottom of the connector?
I've just used a lo eleaf screwdriver to prize up the positive pin on the iSticks slightly, just like I've done many a time on the MVP2, and it's done the trick for both of us.
Half a dozen tanks later I'll do it again.
It'll be nice to have a friendlier connector on it's next iteration but it's not lo eleaf me on such an economical little device.
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Eleaf istick atomizer short no atomizer fix. Please Read description

problemi con il mio mini istick eleaf

Well you can have it with the new Mini iStick made by Eleaf... what it says lo and has a horse shoe a few seconds after i try to puff it? i havent.
Achetez votre Istick 10 W - Eleaf Ismoka au meilleur prix sur d'atomiseur : lors d'un court circuit, l'écran affiche "Ω" et "LO" puis la batterie s'éteint.
I use the Eleaf ego adapter along with the beauty ring that comes with the Nautilus to make the tank overhang less noticeable...if the Eleaf ego.
Install a coil rated below 1.0 ohms and the device reads "Lo" and the device will refuse to.. iSmoka Eleaf Mini iStick 20 Watts Ultra Mini Mod
Ive just purchase this & attached my Kanger Aerotank V2 to it. It worked fine, then the day after the display kept showing "Atomizer short",.

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ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЕ СИГАРЕТЫ ELEAF ISMOKA IJUST Every time that I would use the GS air tank for it, it would just keep saying Lo with an Omega symbol. I was using my old tank and it worked just.


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