4 ml Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA Atomizer Tank 22mm - $24.99

lemo eleaf rta

The Eleaf Lemo 3 tank is the updated version of the original Lemo 2 RTA. The biggest difference is that the Eleaf Lemo 3 now supports the use of Eleaf EC atomizer heads and can switch to or from a rebuildable deck as well.. The Eleaf Lemo 3 also includes a wide variety of.
13 min - Uploaded by RiP TrippersIn this vaping video I talk about the Lemo RTA.. Lemo RTA Standard and Micro Coil Build.
Here it is, off the back of its internationally renowned ancestry, the Eleaf Lemo 3 is the tank you didn't know you were waiting for. The Lemo 3.
The Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA and EC Coil Sub-Ohm System is an ultra versatile performance platform that combines a flagship level two post build deck with a. lemo eleaf rta It seems to me that when a strictly rebuildable option RTA is released the company подробнее на этой странице it is eliminating a large portion of potential buyers.
The Vaporesso Gemini RTA is an example of that.
That RTA is a gorgeous looking, and a big performer.
The RTA Plus Lemo eleaf rta, the new eLeaf Lemo 3 offers head eleaf solid RBA deck, and some new coil heads.
Switching from the rebuildable deck to the coil head option is kind of complicated, but in my opinion, it is very much worth the hassle.
Basic Features The Lemo 3 is all high grade stainless steel and glass.
With a capacity of 4mL+, 22mm diameter, large rectangular airflow slots on the base, wide-bore drip tip, and a truly delightful top-fill system.
Demo 3 Body Despite being 22mm exactly, it looks larger than it really is.
Everything is stainless steel, with a glass tank.
Still, the glass is thick, and almost optical-quality.
CLICK ON ANY IMAGE AND SEE A LARGER VERSION Deck and Coil Head Options When you purchase the new Lemo 3 you receive two coil heads and the deck, plus 2 pre-wrapped Clapton coils, organic cotton, hex wrench and this really nice tool unexpectedly large handled tweezer thing.
Two New Coil Heads These new coils are compatible with just about all eLeaf tanks.
Click to see larger image The first is the EN NC 0.
However, while vaping a High VG at 60w I found the lemo eleaf rta can easily overheat in wattage mode, not so in TC mode.
Best performance for me is in TC mode, wattage set to 45w and temperature of 550F.
Your experience may differ.
Also Stainless Steel but nowhere does it indicate 316L SSthis coil shines above 65 watts for a warm vapor and good taste.
This dual coil vertical head handles lemo eleaf rta well, and its 0.
Lemo 3 — Coil Head O-Rings CLICK TO ENLARGE Another interesting innovation is the use of one of the 3 small o-rings that comes with the Lemo 3 RTA.
As you can see by the photo, eLeaf is not simply depending on an accurate threading to prevent leaking from the coils, it uses an o-ring to create a solid lemo eleaf rta secure leak-proof threading pair.
My only concern is that any o-ring has a finite lifespan and will need to be changed at some point.
Stainless Steel in W and TC Modes Since Stainless Steel can be used in wattage or temperature modes, the flavor will be somewhat different in each mode.
The rebuildable deck is hidden under a large lemo eleaf rta />The deck is held to the chimney with two small screws.
Check out the animated GIF provided by eLeaf to see how attaching the coils is an easy affair.
The airflow, coming in from the base and moving up through the two coils does a good job, and the lemo eleaf rta slots are so large that the Намотка необслужки eleaf Lung style of vaping amasses a huge amount of vapor while still keeping the temperature of the vapor on the cooler side.
Alternate Chimney for Coil Heads While not really a chimney, when you switch to coil heads you must remove the RTA chimney and replace it with its counterpart.
This piece uses a O-Ring to seal it, lemo eleaf rta after screwing it into the base you can then use the EC coil heads.
This is what I meant above when I said it was a complicated process.
Performance between the Dual Clapton RBA and organic cotton and either of the Stainless Lemo eleaf rta coil heads are minimal.
Flavor and vapor production from both the RTA with the ссылка на продолжение coils and cotton is on par with either of the coil heads.
In this case however, the new yellow tool comes in really handy.
Using the wide side of the tool you can grip the top cap and remove it with a simple turn.
This tool makes the job of removing top caps from a variety of tanks an easy lemo eleaf rta />RTA or Coil Head Design In the end, whether you prefer to use this atomizer as a pure RTA, or as a coil head tank, or any CLICK TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE combination, the Lemo 3 is an excellent tank, if it continues to operate as it has been.
The Lemo 3 lemo eleaf rta been my go-to atomizer since it arrives, and I plan on picking up a few more, in Black, as soon as they are on vendor shelves.
You may find them a little cheaper at certain vendor sites, but please, only buy from vendors you trust.
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Sounds like another great tank from eLeaf.
They really do make good tanks.
I have always like their.
I thought the article was good, lots of pertinent information for both coil users and RTA fans alike.
I need to replace my Goblin mini v2, but I still have my Moonshot….
Not bad at all for flexibility and backwards compatibility… Well done Eleaf!
Very well done Eleaf!!
Thanks for the well written review of lemo eleaf rta ELeaf Lemo 3.
As of now, my only eLeaf tank is a Lemo Drop, which I like to use, but hate to fill through the tiny screw hole on the bottom.
I have 6 eLeaf tc mods, so I know they make good stuff.
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A PBusardo Review - The Eleaf Lemo RTA & The Last Contest Winner Announced

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Based on the popularity of the Kayfun and other popular rebuildable tank atomizers (aka RTA's), Eleaf created the Lemo. Since then, Sub Ohm.
Introducing the Lemo Version 2 by Eleaf iSmoka, is an advanced and upgraded from the previous version that makes it one of the best RTA in the market.
Just US$33.58 + free shipping, buy Original Eleaf Lemo 3 RTA Atomizer online shopping at GearBest.com.
The authentic Eleaf™ iSmoka Lemo 3 RTA is the latest version from the popular Lemo line. The Lemo 3 feautres new top fill design, peek insulation & improved.

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