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Eleaf (iSmoka) Lemo 2 - новейшая, улучшенная версия одного из самых популярных обслуживаемыйх. Особенности; Отзывы (101); Обзоры (4). Eleaf.
The Lemo is a large Pyrex RBA from Eleaf and iSmoka. The product description on the VaporAlley website raved about how great this tank.
29 min - Uploaded by Alex from VapersMDLemo 3 RTA | by Eleaf | теперь он валит - Duration: 17:54.. Обзор обслуживаемого бака атомайзера.
Eleaf Lemo 2 Review - Dave reviews the Lemo 2 RTA to find out if the flavor is as great as people have been saying and to find out if it chucks. lemo eleaf обзор The Lemo series has launched its Lemo 1, Lemo 2, and Lemo Drop in succession, with their appearances being lemo eleaf обзор to that of KFL.
This series is flavor-oriented.
The atomizer not электронная сигарета eleaf вред supports pre-made coils but also has a RBA base.
Its appearance is more exquisite and beautiful.
Generally, this is a RDTA that has made fundamental changes compared with its previous versions.
This seemingly ordinary atomizer in the picture is actually not ordinary at all in its structure, performance and appearance.
Here I would like to share my review of Lemo 3 with you.
Lemo 3 uses paper packing with simple design.
The four side faces of электронная сигарета eleaf вред box are imprinted with the logos of Eleaf and Lemo 3 alternately.
On the front side of the box imprinted the full rendered picture of Lemo 3 and the detailed picture of the Clapton coil, which indicating that the users could be free to use trick coils.
The e-liquid can easily refilled from the top by removing the top cap only.
All parts of Lemo 3 can be detached and reassembled, allowing convenience in cleaning and maintenance.
Besides that there is also a pair of practical unlocking ceramic tweezers, which could be used adjust the coils and unscrew the locked parts.
Lemo 3 adopts the 22mm base and the 23mm liquid tank, therefore the tank overtops the base slightly.
The overall length of the atomizer is 62mm, which includes the drip tip and lemo eleaf обзор electrode.
The 22mm base could be perfectly compatible with some earlier mods.
The evaporation tank is fixed to the vase through two screws.
If lemo eleaf обзор want to use the pre-made head, then the tank lemo eleaf обзор not required.
The strip shaped airflow port is lemo eleaf обзор the square holes on the electrodes provide support for installing trick coils.
Generally, this is a big vapor atomizer that supports trick coils, thick coils and big circle coils.
On the back of the base there are two screws for the fixing of different kits.
After unscrewing the base lemo eleaf обзор be matched with the pre-made head or the RBA kit.
Keep the screws carefully and distinguish them from those of the evaporation tank.
On installing the pre-made head, Lemo 3 soon changes into a pre-made big vapor RTA.
The process is relatively simple.
Going with the pre-made kits, the atomizer could apply either the 0.
Lemo 3 does not need to install the evaporation tank when using the pre-made coil head.
Even for the newcomers, the atomizer could help to enjoy the fun of big vapor and good flavor.
What the vapers care most is surely the RBA base of Lemo 3.
After being replaced with the RBA base, Lemo 3 immediately becomes lemo eleaf обзор standard RDTA.
Instead of the two 0.
Pass the coils through the holes and tighten the screws firstly, during which the wrapped bars should be plugged into the coils to prevent from deformation.
After the coils is fixed, use the bars to pull the coils outwards and lemo eleaf обзор them to the appropriate position and height.
Keep distance between the coil feet and the base lemo eleaf обзор avoid short circuits.
The large liquid flow groove could contain more cotton, and thus enhance the liquid flow ability.
Install the evaporation tank and lemo eleaf обзор the cotton into the groove before tightening the screws.
On finishing installing the tank and top cap, we could begin filling e-liquid through the top filling port.
Different from the popular RDTAs, Lemo lemo eleaf обзор do not have the function узнать больше liquid tank closing, therefore we should close the bottom airflow first to обслужка eleaf leaking.
It surpasses like RDTAs and ordinary RDAs that are under the same data.
This should электронная сигарета eleaf вред to the large airflow holes of Lemo 3.
No matter using the pre-made coil head or the RBA kit, the vapor volume is considerable.
Flavor RDTAs are usually richer in flavor.
Lemo 3 lemo eleaf обзор only boasts rich flavor and pure taste, it also has high flavor reproduction.
Furthermore, it could keep the stable and good flavor under either the pre-made coil head mode or the RBA mode.
The trouble is that you lemo eleaf обзор dissemble two screws when detaching the электронная сигарета eleaf вред />The dual-electrode and dual-hole structure leaves enough space for operating, therefore it is easy to make the coil head even for newcomers.
The large liquid groove could ensure the supply of liquid while using the trick coils.
As for the airflow, when the air holes are all open, the resistance is very low, which is appealing to vapers who love zero resistance.
The 23mm tank overtops a little compared with other parts, making the atomizer looks special.
The length is as long as ordinary RDAs.
When using the low-resistance coils, the fast consumption of the liquid is apparent to see.
It is a big vapor atomizer with high overall performance.
Both the skilled vapers and newcomers could enjoy good vape experience by either using pre-made coil head or DIY.
The appearance of it could also stand out from like products.
The only weakness is that its big vapor positioning is not suitable for newcomers who choose e-cig mainly for replacing the cigarette.
If you like big vapor, Lemo 3 could give you the different experiences of pre-made atomizer and RBA.
If you want to challenge a RDTA, Lemo 3 also will not disappoint you.

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Обслуживаемый атомайзер Eleaf Lemo, купить iSmoka Lemo

The eLeaf Lemo 3 RTA Plus reminds us of the days of clean design, purposeful airflow, no nonsense functionality and beauty. Our full review.
Learn everything that you need to know about the Eleaf Lemo RTA in this detailed product review.
Перед покупкой искал обзоры, не нашел, решил написать о своих первых впечатлениях. Сегодня наконец добрался до девайса .. итак:.
Eleaf say: "The Lemo 2 is the advance version of the well-known Lemo series atomizers due to its new innovative design of a side e-liquid fill.
Interesting review, but the Lemo delivers a far better vape than any Kayfun. Been vaping for 5 years and using Kayfuns as my all day vape for.

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